We believe working together is the only thing that truly works for Allegheny County.

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Thank you, Allegheny County

This summer and fall, we asked the community to have a conversation about what’s important to us, specifically about investing in three proven areas — early learning, after school and nutritious meals — to ensure a strong future for our region.


On August 7, we turned in 63,499 signatures petitioning the Allegheny County Board of Elections to add the Allegheny County Children’s Fund to the November 6, 2018, General Election ballot. Our goal was to collect 40,000 signatures, but more than 63,000 neighbors, in all 130 municipalities and all 1,322 voting precincts in our county said yes, we want to have a community-wide conversation about how we fund the programs proven to benefit our kids and our region.


Though our effort fell short in the November 6 General Election, we are not defeated. More than 250,000 Allegheny County voters agreed that our children are our future. We are beyond grateful to all the supporters. And though the Allegheny County Children’s Fund won’t be enacted as proposed, we will not stop. We are committed to finding a way to support these proven areas. It’s more work ahead. But we believe our kids are worth it.

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