We believe in creating the Allegheny County Children’s Fund.
The Allegheny County Children’s Fund initiative seeks to change the way we fund the efforts that are proven to ensure the health and well-being of our kids across the county: early learning, after school and good nutrition.
By creating the Allegheny County Children’s Fund, we will provide dedicated funding for these critical areas.

Bringing the Allegheny County Children’s Fund to life

The Allegheny County Home Rule Charter and state law permit Allegheny County residents to pursue legislation tailored to causes they care about via the voter referendum process to qualify a question for an election ballot. Then, if a simple majority of voters vote YES during the election, the measure would pass.


To qualify a question for the November 6, 2018 General Election ballot, we must circulate petitions bearing the question and reach our goal of collecting more than 40,000 signatures between June 19 and August 7, 2018. If the Allegheny County Elections Department determines the petition signature goal has been met, the question will be added to the General Election ballot on November 6.

Step Two:

Vote YES on November 6. With a “YES” from a simple majority of voters, the measure passes.

Funding the Allegheny County Children’s Fund

A 0.25 millage rate increase would require a homeowner to pay an additional $25 annually on each $100,000 of assessed value. The average market value for a home in Allegheny County is approximately $137,000. For the average homeowner in Allegheny County, the increase would be less than $30 per year. A 0.25 millage rate increase would generate approximately $18 million annually in revenue. Average of $30 per year based on Homestead Exemption which reduces the taxable assessed value by $18,000. This does not take into consideration the Act 77 Senior Discount.

Do you qualify for property tax relief?

Here in Allegheny County, several programs are available to help reduce property tax. You may qualify if your home is your primary residence, you’re a senior or a veteran, or have made handicapped-accessible renovations.

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