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Great effort for children

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – I am thrilled to see that the Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative wants to help all children here in Allegheny County. There are so many children without the general necessities in life. But most children don’t have a say unless there is an adult willing to be that voice. Thank you to the people in Allegheny County who will stand to be the voice of the little ones.

As an educator, I see firsthand how hunger impacts development and how development impacts learning. Each of us who can read news, emails or websites can do so because we had opportunities in our early life that didn’t delay our development — opportunities not available to all children.

Kids who participate in after-school programs learn social skills that will help them in life, get extra help in academic subjects, receive personal attention that fosters self-confidence and most important, have a safe haven.

Research has proved that children involved in early learning are more likely to be successful than those who don’t have the opportunity. I see that every day in the hallways of our school.

I am thrilled that the Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative is promoting the importance of nutrition, after-school programs and early learning opportunities.

I understand that this will raise taxes. However, if school districts can raise taxes for sports fields that only an elite few can use, then why not a small raise to assist all children in our county? I commend the Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative for undertaking this effort.

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