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Group to canvass Penn Hills to promote ‘Our Kids. Our Commitment.’ ballot question

TRIB LIVE – A group that has a secured a spot on Allegheny County’s General Election ballot will canvass Penn Hills this weekend and are seeking volunteers to help.

The “Our Kids. Our Commitment.” campaign will ask voters for a quarter-mill property tax increase to fund the Allegheny County Children’s Fund, which advocates have said will raise $18 million a year to fund children’s programs.

The campaign collected nearly 64,000 signatures from all the county’s 130 municipalities and every one of the 1,322 voting precincts. The millage increase would cost the average homeowner less than $30 more per year, according to a news release from “Our Kids. Our Commitment.”

As of Friday, the group had secured 28 volunteers to canvass Penn Hills neighborhoods.

“We’re excited to talk with the Penn Hills community about how we can work together,” said Jesse McLean, executive director of “Our Kids. Our Commitment.” and Pressley Ridge of Western Pennsylvania.

McLean, a Penn Hills resident, said the group is accepting more volunteers to join the canvassing efforts, where volunteers will knock on doors to talk to people about the ballot question. Mclean did not know which areas in Penn Hills the group would canvass.

“Volunteers won’t ask for signatures; it’s just a quick talk about why this is such an important initiative,” he said, adding volunteers will ask homeowners if they are willing to sport the initiative’s yard sign ahead of Election Day.

Volunteers will meet at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 15 at St. James Episcopal Church, 11524 Frankstown Road. To sign up, visit The group will sponsor other door-knocking events through Election Day in Monroeville, Plum, McCandless, Pittsburgh neighborhoods and other communities.

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