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More opportunities for children

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – As retirees who worked in both social services and in the criminal justice system our entire careers, we are excited that Allegheny County residents will have a chance to make a difference for local kids in this upcoming election. Over the years, we have seen that our community is lacking in important services for children.

A yes vote on Nov. 6 for the Allegheny County Children’s Fund will ensure that kids will gain increased access to early learning opportunities, after school programs and nutritious meals — three proven areas that help youth reach success now and in the future.

From our experiences, we know that when children are set up to reach their potential, the entire community wins. And we should all care about our community.

The Children’s Fund would generate around $18 million annually through an estimated $30 tax increase per year per household — a very small price to pay for our kids’ success.

Early learning prepares kids for kindergarten, society and life, while kids who participate in after school programs are proven to improve social skills and self-esteem. One-in-six children goes hungry in Allegheny County; hunger impacts a child’s growth, overall health and well-being, and capacity to learn.

We will be volunteering to pass this historic initiative, and we are both voting yes for the Children’s Fund on Nov. 6. We hope our fellow Allegheny County residents will join us at the polls.

We can all be part of making a long-lasting difference for our community. Our kids are counting on us.

West Mifflin

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