We believe learning doesn’t end when school does.
Kids who participate in after school programs have better social skills, self-esteem and attitudes. What’s more, these after school programs are proven to increase school attendance, while reducing drug use.
Here in Allegheny County, 72% of parents say that after school programs keep their children safe. However, not every child in our community has access to after school programs. According to a recent study, 70% of kids would enroll in a program if it was available. We believe more programs should be available.

Why we believe in after school programs

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Washington Post: Why strong after school programs matter

Does after school matter?

Consider a young Pittsburgher who found joy in an art program outside of his school day. That boy discovered a passion that would change his life. And that boy, Andy Warhol, transformed the art world.

Picture of Andy Warhol on bridge