Seeing no big plan for struggling Pittsburgh kids, visiting Scots urge: ‘Just do it.’

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – …One of the hosts of the Alloy 26 event, Patrick Dowd, who directs Allies for Children, offered Pittsburgh a starting point: his organization’s pitch for a 0.25-mill property tax increase, throughout Allegheny County, which would cover early learning, after-school programs and nutritious meals for kids. That proposal will be on the Nov. 6 ballot.

“Here in this region, this is exactly the moment to start making these kinds of shifts,” Mr. Dowd said shortly after Dr. O’Dowd called for a plan. “The value of investment in kids and ultimately in people is economic development.”

That proposed tax is not meant to replace any strand of the net of governmental and nonprofit organizations that now work on child welfare issues, Mr. Dowd was quick to note. It’s just meant as a start.

He said the Pittsburgh area “is resource-rich, but it’s also highly fragmented. … Are there some places, when we’re thinking about kids, where we can have a more centralized view?”…

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